We have been handling recruitment and employee selection since 1992. We use a wide array of methods tailored to fit your needs. We are constantly researching the labour market and acquire new candidates.

We have profound experience in recruiting for specialist and management positions and we operate across the whole territory of Poland.

Our consultants are practicians with many years of experience. Their knowledge allows us to adjust the tools of recruitment and selection of candidates to diverse recruitment projects. An individual approach to each project makes it possible for us to tailor our offer to fit your needs.

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Entrusting us with the recruitment process allows you to:

  • Concentrate on your business
  • Optimize the cost of the recruitment process and the time devoted to it
  • Get professional advice regarding the creation of job descriptions and candidate profile as well as the identification of key competences with the situation on the market and your company’s needs in mind
  • Be seen in a positive light as we present your offer to candidates in a realistic and comprehensive way
  • Access to up-to-date information about the situation on the labour market in spheres of interest to you
  • Use the knowledge of professional personal consultants and highly-qualified specialists in different fields who will evaluate the candidates’ skills needed for a job

By default, the time of order completion does not exceed 30 days from the moment of signing of the contract. Non-standard orders are always discussed with the Client.

  • Search & Selection
    We search for Candidates by publishing job advertisements in different media and using databases
  • Direct Search
    We directly access candidates with required skills through dedicated websites, social media and press
  • Executive Search
    We search for future top managers while keeping the recruitment process confidential. We acquire  people with required rare skills/or highly qualified people who are not looking for a new job on their own. A great advantage of this method is its high efficiency and almost no possibility of error

We are conducting recruitment projects based on verified procedures including:

  • Resume selection with the charac-ter of the position and Client’s company in mind
  • In- depth interviews, via telephone and on-line
  • Job interviews with recommended candidates
  • Skill evaluation
  • Language tests (including written tests, if requested)
Each of the projects managed by us is covered by our WARRANTY. Its length depends on the importance of the position. The period of the guarantee commences on the day the candidate gets hired by our Client. If the cooperation between the employee and our client comes to an end within the warranty period, we repeat the recruitment process once, free of charge.